Friday, 24 November 2017

Kiwi Kapers

On Wednesday all the Year 5 students went to the Aotea Centre to watch a concert by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Acrobats from the Dust Palace performed mime and tricks while the music was played.

We have been imagining what it would be like to be a musician or acrobat at this event.

Here is Elizah's writing:

I am an acrobat I will be using a cyr wheel. And a hand balancing because it looks cool when we look from the audience. But on wednesday we went to the  theatre to perform for some schools. When I looked from the front I felt nervous because there was heaps of kids. I was balancing on the stands.  I tried to not look at the audience because I felt nervous in case I failed. The music helped me focus. I completed my tricks and I felt happy. I was tired after when I did my tricks.

Here is Jazzelle's writing:

At kiwi kapers i was the conductor that had to tell the band to play so i waved my stick so the band can play and then when i stopped waving my stick the band stopped playing then i waved it gently so the violin can play then i waved the stick at the double bass to play then the school and people started cheering at us then when i finished i said to all of the band to play then i finished it off with the violin then they all stand up even with me we said thanks for visiting the kiwi kapers and also said thanks for coming to watch us and then we bailed and went off stage.

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