Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dancing with the stars

The annual Manaiakalani Film Festival takes place at Hoyts Sylvia Park today. We are so excited about seeing our class movie on the big screen.

Guardians of the Galaxy was our inquiry theme in Term 3. What's out there in the solar system? What is special about each planet? Is there anywhere else in space where we could live?

We worked together to create our animated movie to share some of the things that we discovered.


  1. Thank you for making this movie for all of us to watch. I liked what you did with all the animation and having a way to remember the various planets. I hope you had fun making it.

    1. Thank you so much, Mr Winter. Our team of animators did a wonderful job creating the pictures and we did all have lots of fun dancing for the finale.
      Room 9

  2. hi room 9 you a so good at the movies and i was so happy

  3. I loved the video LOL venus actually looked like a pizza xD I love this film keep up the great work.

    From Tha Zin

  4. Malo e lelei
    I love room 9 movie. It is very good animating.

  5. hi i like the planet and the pizza that was great and nice.

  6. Hi

    I like this video it showed me what our souler system looks like and how long did it take to make all of that
    Keep up the great work

  7. keep up the amazing work
    hope you had a good job making this video
    i would watch this everyday

  8. Well done Room 9. This was a fabulous movie and you taught me something new as well. I have always remembered the planets by saying:
    Mark's Very Extravagant Mother Just Bought Us Ninety Parakeets
    Now I have a new pneumonic. Thank you.
    Well done to all the clever graphic artists and animators. I love seeing your creativity.

    Mrs Burt

  9. Malo e lelei room 9 this was a really awesome movie and i really liked it very much. KEEP IT UP ROOM 9

  10. Dear room 9 I very loved your movie because I dace to the stars at night to so you do the same thing has me and when you guys done the movie what did you use

  11. thank you for making this cool has movie I very did love it thank you very much

  12. Hi Room,
    We really liked your movie because it helped us learn about the planets. We liked the animations.

    From Miss Lavakula and LH1 @ Ormiston Primary School