Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sailing - by Zamera

I am doing an animation about how sailing technology has changed over time. A long long time ago maori people used to go in different wakas and travel around the sea to find other islands. Wakas were made out of strong trees. Also maori people carved into the waka to make patterns. Maori people use trees to make the waka stronger. 300 years later there were sailing boats. Those boats were really big boats and it kind of looked like pirate ships. The wind made the boat go by blowing the sails..They made the boat out of different materials. Captain James Cook sailed to New Zealand in one of these boats. 100 years later people invented speed boats they were different kinds of boats,big boats or small boats. In the boats they had engines that made the boat go.It was easier to go in a boat because you didn’t have to paddle like back in the days.

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